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EXORCISM - A Public Confessional 

BY & WITH: Marco Merenda, Pauline Schönfelder, Linda Lou Dierich-Matzke [concept, dramaturgy, performance, choreography, sound]; Manuela Ada Ines Gangale [light design, technical support]; Janosch Graffenberger, Sujin Lee [technical support].

Three performers meet at an AIDS gala. They all bring a secret with them. They want to talk, but no one says anything. Instead of champagne, only Smarties. An alarm clock rings. The search for clues begins.

EXORCISM explores the performativity of coming-out processes as well as the non-linear process of dealing with the untold, the unfinished, the unrevealed. EXORCISM shows inner preparations for confessions and in doing so poses the question of what content we are potentially ashamed of in front of a community. The presence of the untold grows as soon as reflections begin to speak it out. The aesthetic goal of EXORCISM is to depict this growth and to end the respective processes with an ultimately transformative confession. Physical theatre forms the choreographic and trash/pop culture the aesthetic landscape of the piece, which takes on new forms through a constant exchange with the content.

Photos: ©Isabel Machado Ríos

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