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ME × 11

SZENARIO – Festival für Darstellende Künste (24.10.2020)

BY & WITH: Marco Merenda [concept, performance, artistic direction], Pauline Schönfelder [performance, stage] Manuela Ada Ines Gangale [video, lighting].

Loneliness. Melancholy. Materiality. Shades of blue. That is not what this performance is about. It rather tackles the question of whether or not artists can still afford to talk about loneliness, melancholy, materiality and shades of blue. And to remain silent in the face of the burning Amazonian forest, the numerous political conflicts in the Middle East, right-wing extremism and bias crime.


The performance project ME×11 questions the current state of contemporary art. It aims at pointing out its weaknesses and contradictions through critical parody and contrast. It tackles topics such as the social responsibility of artists and the political impact of non-political art. It raises a number of questions such as: is the decision to make non-political art a political statement itself? Can art save the world?  ME×11 does not claim to define a "correct” way of doing art, but rather to initiate a discourse on the role of artists in the contemporary world.

Photos: ©Lukas Essig

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