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Kampnagel (02.&04.07.2021)

Online performance art festival (26.09.2021)

Torino Fringe Festival (19.-22.05.2022)

LICHTHOF Theater (10.-11.04.2023)

BY & WITH: Marco Merenda [concept, dramaturgy, video, performance], Pauline Schönfelder [performance], Karin Rossi [performance], Leander Steve Oelmann [costume, stage], Saki Aslan [Outside Eye], Christopher Ramm [soundtrack].

“Compassion is an unstable emotion. It needs to be translated into action, or it withers. The question is what to do with the feelings that have been aroused.” [Susan Sontag, Regarding the pain of others.]

The performance project ENTER THE MUUVE. delves into techniques of emotional movement as well as the question of whether being emotionally moved can be considered as a solution to deeply rooted, structural problems at all. Based on Facebook videos of animal rescues, several movement strategies and their (mis)success are explored. Three white performers develop a twenty-minute "movement experiment": an attempt to use language and their own bodies to move themselves and the audience for a specific theme. The main focus lies on the search for techniques to generate empathy, which are tried out performatively on non-animal, politically relevant material. The material consists of video reports from the news showcasing white-centrist narratives. ENTER THE MUUVE. offers the opportunity to critically question these narratives and become aware of one's own position.

Photos: ©Emma Szabó (1), ©Stefano Roggero (2), ©Isabél Machado Ríos (3)

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